Friday, 26 April 2013

Spaceman Texturing Complete

Hello everyone, texturing for my spaceman character is now complete! 

After an intense 28 hours, spread out over the last 6 days. I have finally completed the textures for all of his various bits and bobs. I am really happy with the result and I have learned heaps about how to make really high quality textures for a character.

The spaceman character ended up having a whopping 38 separate painted texture maps, each of them controlling a different aspect of of his separate materials. From the metal parts around his ears to the skin of his face, each distinct piece has to have a several texture map's to control how the material reacts to light and shadow and looks in the final render.

I have completed a turnaround render of the character in his default T-pose overnight, so that I can see how his textures react to movement. This allows me to tweak his textures a little further and adjust any problems that a still render does not reveal.

Textured Spaceman Turnaround from Geoff Ind on Vimeo.

Because of the turnaround render I could see that the specular of his fabric skullcap was reacting more like a reflective paint surface and did not have enough variation between the black nylon material and the white mesh material. As a result I have created a new specular map and fixed up the problem. 

I am also not really loving the way the glass of the helmet looks, so I think further research and tweaking is called for to finesse the material attributes a bit more.

Rigging is also now underway which means I should have be able to start injecting character into him very soon, I can't wait!


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