Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Viking sketch

Been doing some drawing on the Cintiq again, still trying to break out of my usual drawing style and come up with something that I like. Getting there I think, pretty happy with this sketch will have to sit down and get some painting done at some point.



Viking warrior dude.


  1. cool....Left arm with the sword seems like just added lately, have you had trouble with it? Do you flip your sketch while in the process? Flipping your sketch or using a mirror will help you see what needs fixing immediately.
    Very appealing work Geoff..hope it helps, otherwise dont worry maybe it is just me..

    1. Thanks for your comment Zaldi, I actually had more trouble with the other arm holding the axe. Had to draw and redraw it a few times to get it looking right. I was happy with the other arm but now you mention it it does need some adjustment. looking at my drawing again today I can see a few things that I want to change and I want to go over the pose again to plus it a bit and make it more interesting.