Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quick Update

I have been kept extremely busy at work of late getting ready for the next series of classes that I will be teaching. As always I have also been hard at work creating new teaching resources and improving the resources we already have.

The latest piece that I have completed is a new texture for our "Big Guy" rig which we use during the key animation module. This is a close up head and shoulders version that can be used for facial acting and dialogue. For his texture I have gone for a more feature quality look which I am quite happy with.

The spaceman rig is also now officially complete after a few small bugs found during testing phase. I am also happy to report that he is now an official South Seas animation rig which will be used during classes and he will also be the star of the school short film project this year!

I am super excited about this development and for one cant wait to see the short start production or see the animation that our students will be creating with him.

In the mean time I will still be animating with him in my spare time, so keep you eyes peeled for more updates to come.

BigGuy Bust from Geoff Ind on Vimeo.

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