Friday, 30 January 2015

Cintiq Sketching

Well its certainly been a while! As mentioned in my last post from bloody ages ago I have been really busy with home projects a new little addition to my family and freelance work. This year I resolve to post allot more often. 

As you may have also noticed I have been making a few changes to the look and also to the name of my blog. The look will continue to evolve for a while but the new name and URL will be staying the same (I think).

I was lucky enough to get a new Cintiq 22HD to go in my newly completed office space this year and I have decide to make it a personal goal to get much better at drawing in general and more specifically drawing digitally. 

As I have been away from the drawing desk for far to long my hand seems to have forgotten how to draw which has been incredibly frustrating, but at long last it seems to be coming back again. Lately I have been playing around with a few different styles of drawing characters and this is the first sketch that I am reasonably happy with, hopefully there will be more to come!

Long skinny leg guy.
I may add colour later.

Ta Geoff

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